Wordpress not updating archive title

Great for use with Thesis theme, or just to avoid extra coding.

Some might lead you to believe “SEO is dead.” Google that search term and what comes back in return is over 800,000 search results.

It is very simple, there is no benefit SEO wise to having www in your domain. But that is not to say you should always go with non- There are a couple reasons: So when it comes down to www vs non-www it is more a matter of personal preference.If you’re looking for an alternative, try Widget Options.They have even built a migration tool to move seamlessly from Display Widgets to Widget Options.When it comes to Word Press SEO, it is important to remember that Google is still a computer algorithm, and that is why keywords still matter in 20.You definitely should be writing for your visitors and customers as Google recommends, but write smart.2.7 is exactly the same as the last version we released before selling the plugin (v2.05).


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