Who is jane fonda dating

It was a period of professional and personal retreat.That changed when she was introduced to Perry at a dinner party by actress and mutual friend Carrie Fisher, in the spring of 2009.Richard wanted a baby more than anything - he was only dating younger girls for that reason.’ After Broussard, Richman and Perry resumed their ‘non-exclusive’ relationship.In 1990 and 91, she had her own wing in Perry’s house, and was his party ‘hostess’.For Fonda, who has had numerous bouts of plastic surgery, claims being in love and ‘good genes’ are what really allow her to age so superbly.‘I’m happier then ever and the sex is better,’ she crowed in an interview in 2009, around the time she first met Perry.So expect a fair dollop of pretentious nonsense, then.

That same year, Perry and Fonda purchased the Trousdale Estates home together for .3 million.

Richman, who counts Steve Bing (the tycoon who fathered Liz Hurley’s child) among her exes, says Perry slept with her mother, which - predictably - left her distraught. Everyone would sit on the sofas and get high and then dance and play music.

They were a part of a dissolute drug-soaked set in Hollywood where prostitutes, sexual threesomes and cocaine use were the norm. When the nightclubs closed, Richard’s place was the place to go for all the hot celebrities.’ He threw catered Sunday brunches for film star friends such as Rob Lowe, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

He’s certainly no oil painting: tall and cadaverously thin with wonky teeth and bushy silver hair.

And although he may appear superficially to be perfect Mr Fonda material - enormously wealthy with impeccable connections - he comes with much-tainted baggage.


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