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"I wrote on her album a couple times," Brown added. He stands at 6’3, though we doubt Rodriguez is losing any sleep over Brown’s comments. During the interview Brown also mentioned that he has previously worked with the singer, actress, and fashion designer, saying "I wrote on her album a couple times.” He continued "I actually went to the house to write the songs.

First, the two have a nearly twenty year age difference but Chris doesn't seem to mind whatsoever. For Complex News, I'm Beija Velez and coming November 4th and 5th is the Second Annual Complex Con, where we bring all things Complex to life.

The follow-up single, "Take You Home" featuring R&B singer Kelis became a minor hit reaching the top 100 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The album was more strongly received by critics and fans.

I watch her TV talk show sometimes and she has really mastered her lane.

When it comes to Jennifer Lopez dating Alex Rodriguez, Chris Brown does not appear to give AF. When Angie Martinez brought up the age gap, Chris responded, "She can get it any time. Catch live performances, score some exclusive fits, take in informative panels and crush some delicious grub.

"If I Could Go" became a huge crossover hit on pop radio, climbing into the top 20 on The Billboard Hot 100 Chart. The album, Animal House (named after Martinez's own production company and recording posse), was released on August 21, 2002.

It entered the Billboard Hot 200 Albums Chart at #11, and the Billboard Hot Hip-Hop / R&B Charts selling 92,000 units in its first week.

More recently, she appeared in Video Girl in 2011, Generation Um...It was ritual that Angie was his first stop and opinion since they became friends.She credits the day she left to the start of the beginning. Though Chris really wants to get with J-Lo there are multiple stumbling blocks to that ever happening. "I’m just letting her know—hey, look, I might have just stiffened up a little bit back at the little show because it was a lot of people back there, and I was nervous,” he said about the exchange. I said, ' Hi.' But, I like you and I want you,” he continued.Angela "Angie" Martinez (born January 9, 1971) is an American radio personality, rapper, and actress.


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