Updating htc t8585 touch flo 3d

So, I can see no reasons why not to buy this monster. The screen resolution is high and the screen size is big enough to surf the web with comfort.

I hope that my review helps you decide what you want. A month is probably not enough to discover all bugs but so far I'm happy with the phone. HTC shell is something new to me (I used to have E-ten with Spb Mobile shell) but getting used to it.

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Remote Desktop Mobile lets you connect to any PC, the digital compass can be combined with google maps to get directions or orientate on unknown places and this HD2 can be configured as a Wi Fi router to use your mobile internet connection everywhere (GPRS, EDGE or 3G) so your laptop will be always online no matter where you are, it can connect to a network or bluetooth printer to print your documents on the go including Acrobat PDF documents.Battery life is amazing considering 1GHz processor and extra giant screen, I get more than 24hrs of power listening to music, placing and receiving calls, sending and receiving SMS, MMS, surfing the web through Wi Fi, GPRS, EDGE or 3G (any available) and "playing" with GPS, google maps, Garmin, etc.It comes with an extremely addictive game (Teeter) that uses the built-in accelerometer to move a ball while you move the phone, the objective is to insert the ball in a green hole preventing the gray ones.Storage card is placed below the back cover and it is not below the battery, so you can change it while phone is still on. Applications included are very useful, I saw a review that talks about the simple calculator and this is wrong...it is not so simple, it has a simple calculator when holding the phone in a vertical position and you can get a scientific calculator if you turn your phone and hold it horizontal.You must scoure the net to find the best ( Gety TV, Core Player, Slacker, Morphgear and MUCH more ) I found that I could come up with a match for ALMOST any App that Palm, Android or IOS provided... There is even an Android upgrade in works, so you can get a better Windows Mobile experience or whole new Operating System entirely. - You can do this with other phones, but this Windows Mobile handset, like many others with the 6.1 - 6.5 software are VERY open source and easily modifiable - Also has a GREAT camera.


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