Updating dns server

The Windows Server 2012 forest functional level does not provide any new features, but it ensures that any new domain created in the forest will automatically operate at the Windows Server 2012 domain functional level.

On domain controllers that you plan to upgrade, make sure that the drive that hosts the Active Directory database (NTDS.DIT) has free disk space that represents at least 20% of the NTDS.DIT file before you begin the operating system upgrade.To be honest the speed won’t increase much but you will see the performance improvement for sure.Everything on the domain seems to work correctly with the exception of Exchange, about 1% of email address cannot be emailed. As an example we have been unable to email a domain 'uk' - the email address is correct and is reachable via gmail.The cloned virtual DC boots in Directory Services Repair Mode (DSRM), using a duplicate name as the source DC because the DCClone file was not created in the correct location or because the source DC was rebooted before cloning.


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