Top 10 lyrics about dating again

Or better yet: ice cream mixed with chocolate-covered potato chips. But what you need, what you need to get through a breakup is an anthem.

You need that one song that gives you comfort when all you want to do is cocoon yourself in blankets and pillows in an effort to keep the pain out.

Never been a fan and not quite sure where to start?

Consider this your starter pack, or beginner’s guide, giving you the necessary starting point to determine whether you're ready to dive deeper into their catalogue or whether you think they’re trash.

No other song captures the genius of Kendrick Lamar like “Sing About Me," the crowning jewel of the career of one of hip-hop's all-time biggest talents. DJBooth is committed to quality music journalism, never clickbait.

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It’s another trip down Kendrick’s rabbit hole, a vivid memory of the night his friend died and how a woman saved his spirit by delivering the Lord’s Prayer before revenge could be sought.

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Thus, below, the story of their tumultuous coupling in eleven insightful lyrics: 1.

From "Love Money Party," track #7: "SMS (Bangerz)" does feature Britney Spears though, and Britney brings out the fiercest qualities in everyone.7.

Sorry, let us rephrase that…Breaking up is a horrifying pain in the ass.

Distressingly, these songs are coming from an increasingly tiny group of male songwriters, too.

(And this only underscores the struggles women are currently facing in Nashville.) Of the Top 40 country songs on i Tunes, Ashley Gorley co-wrote EIGHT, Rhett Akins co-wrote five, and Dallas Davidson (who has spoken out about Zac Brown’s comments already), Chris Destafano, and Rodney Clawson each co-wrote four.


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