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Week 6 DQ 2 “Leadership and Followership” Please respond to the following: • Analyze the theories on leadership discussed in Chapter 12 to determine which you believe is the most applicable to the greatest number of organizations. • From the video, determine three ways that the lessons regarding leadership (and followership) at Camp Bow Wow can be applied to your current (or future) place of work.

Week 7 DQ 1 “Contributing Factors to Conflict” Please respond to the following: • Analyze and discuss structural and personal factors that contribute to any conflict you experience at work (or experienced at a past employer), as well as steps that could be taken to mitigate those factors.

Week 8 DQ 2 “Organizational Design and Structure” Please respond to the following: • Analyze the organization you work for (or have worked for in the past) on each basic design dimension (i.e., formalization, centralization, specialization, standardization, complexity, hierarchy of authority) to determine if it is a formal or informal organization.

• Determine how the size, technology, and mission of your organization impacts organizational design and structure, as well as how these characteristics directly affect you.

As Micheal Jordan is to Basketball or Muhammad Ali to Boxing; Bobby Fischer alone deserves the spotlight when it comes to Chess.

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• Considering your current (or future) employer, determine the best approach management could take toward empowering employees.Because they, just like the radical rightwing extremists and Armstrongʼs doctrines, are depraved, twisted, sick with narrow minds…and on the front lines pointing fingers at Fischer's presumed and misdiagnosed ‘schizophrenia’…Nobody is making connection between the people who had their lives destroyed and the cultʼs high-control indoctrination.Iʼve called it a CULT before and got shouted down that it was not a cult.Provide specific examples to support your response.


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