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On the night of February 10, 1903, the Madiana was en route from New York to the West Indies with passengers and general cargo. For some years, the Madiana was above water, which enabled her to be stripped of anything of value. Famed American painter Winslow Homer wrote to his New York dealers to inform them he was sending "three Bermuda drawings that should attract attention as it was about the time all Bermuda hotels close for the season and the people return to New York."1903. Professor Edward Laurens Mark, with Charles Bristol of New York University, two of the founding fathers of the Bermuda Biological Station for Research (BBSR), arrived in Bermuda to look for a site for the BBSR. When ordered from the Laird shipyard in England in 1862, she was rumored, falsely, to have been built as an Egyptian ironclad turret warship.

According to reports from passengers, the ship was threading her way through a narrow channel leading to Bermudas Hamilton Harbour when she struck a reef northeast of North Rock. In 2013, one can still see her boilers and propeller shaft in visiting the wreck. A temporary site was found, the Hotel Frascati in Flatts. In fact, she was intended for the Confederate Navy in the US Civil War and was to have been named the North Carolina.

Her armament (after reconstruction in 1883) consisted of a 10ft armored ram, 2 x 12 inch guns, 2 x 6 inch guns, 8 x 3 in quick-firers. The Boer War Cemetery in Bermuda was built by Boer prisoners.

The dock was launched in February 1902 and completed June 1902. She was stationed in Bermuda from 1902 to 1946 when she was sold and taken to Montevideo.(His attitude was such that he again became an interned POW in 1914).1903. The SS Madiana, a Quebec Steamship Line vessel that had been calling regularly at Bermuda, landed on a Bermuda reef and was damaged beyond repair.She had been built as an iron-hulled passenger and light cargo ship 344.8 feet in length and named the Balmoral Castle in 1877 by R. She had been renamed the San Augustin before reverting to its original name and was then sold to the Quebec Steamship Line in the early 1890s. En route by towing from Bermuda to Boston, MA after being retired from Royal Navy coast and harbour defence work, HMS Scorpion sank.She was commissioned at Devonport in 1871, and remained in reserve until 1876. She served with HMS Rupert in the Sea of Marmara during the Russo-Turkish war of 1878.She then returned to Devonport, where she remained until her major reconstruction between 18. Port's Island Hospital was built for Boer War prisoners-of-war.Great cast-iron cylinders were sunk into bedrock and filled with concrete.


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