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Ultimately, these factors create changes in brain chemistry, leading to long-term alterations in brain function. Can I get myself to a place where I’m fully satisfied sexually? As much as I want to shop, buy, and make money, that’s as much as I want to have sex.” [Source]Nessa Jay, from Cromer, Norfolk, is a nymphomaniac.

This translates to a clinical addiction that bears some resemblance to behavioral addictions, like gambling and shopping. She discovered her sexual appetite at 16, after her first experience. My sex drive may be higher than some but it's healthy because I'm positive about it and I'm also a trained sex educator so I always make sure I have incredibly safe sex and get tested regularly. I can't change who I am or how I act and I wouldn't want to.” She also says that it’s not all about sex. She was lucky to have a good and open relationship with her mother, who suggested counseling and sex toys.

Even if you are not sure or have not been diagnosed with nymphomania, surrounding yourself with people who are and who are open to this kind of conversation can be tremendously beneficial.

Having the opportunity to talk and discuss your triggers and habits without fear of judgment will help you better understand your condition.

It is important to regularly check in with ourselves so we can recognize and accept when we need help.

Some signs and symptoms of nymphomania are: Nymphomania may be the primary condition of a patient.

The Online Etymology Dictionary dates the term back to 1775 in the English translation of a study entitled “Nymphomania, or a Dissertation Concerning the Furor Uterinus” by French doctor M. “Mania” has Latin and Greek origins as well, meaning “insanity”, “madness”, “frenzy”, and “enthusiasm”.

It may also be a side effect of certain medications; hormone therapy and Parkinson’s disease medications can trigger nymphomania as a side effect.

Hopefully, this will also help you bolster your courage to get checked out and referred to doctors who can actually help you.

I have come to realize that I must have sex with MANY people.

However, this does not make them a nymphomaniac, because people with this condition crave sex without necessarily getting pleasure out of the experience.

To understand this better, imagine being hungry, so you eat and eat and eat, but you never get full.


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