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Watchmakers repair markings often provide valuable information in regards to authenticity and servicing history.

Unfortunately each watchmaker has his own dating code method.

The next line is 0816 which is the Model Reference number 816.

The serial number of the watch is barely visible because it was only lightly etched, not engraved.

In the case of this particular Big Navitimer, at least two repair marks can be identified: GH O/H 9/84 stands for: Completely overhauled (O/H) in September 1984 (9/84) by watchmaker G. The signature above it is even more straight forward: serviced on 24 February, 1987.

Its 48mm case was very impressive - even for today's standard!

It has a black dial with 3 white sundials and a unique styled hour and minute 'split hands' and red square-shaped hour and minute chrono counters. 816 had white markers on the dial and a red alignment marker on the rotating bezel.

The turning bezel was flat with rectangular notches on the octagonal stainless steel case.

Ref 816 was in production for only ten years and today, it is regarded as a sought-after model amongst watch collectors.

Case dimensions Bezel diameter: 47.8mm Case diameter: 49mm Case including crown: 50mm Case from lug to lug tip: 55mm Lug spacing: 22mm The dial diameter is 33mm.


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