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Though he came up with the Angels, by far his best years came in St.

Louis, as he was the center fielder on the 2004 league champions and 2006 world champions.

Though he has never been connected to performance-enhancing drugs, no player from the era will be able to escape suspicion completely — sadly, it is a logical truth that you cannot prove a negative.

But Edmonds was one of the best center fielders in baseball for a long time, with fearsome power, terrific plate discipline, and legitimately good if occasionally overrated defense.

He was the MVP of the World Champion 1964 Cardinals, the best player on a team that included Hall of Famers Bob Gibson and Lou Brock. Ozzie Smith The Wizard of Oz is almost universally regarded as the best defensive shortstop ever to play the game.Early in his career, he entertained fans by doing a backflip on his way to his position, until he was discouraged by nervous coaches worried that he might one day mistime his leap and do serious damage. He once said: "To me, being a jazz player is a lot like being a shortstop." He was never much of a power threat, but he improved his plate discipline as he got older and was always a superb base stealer, an important skill on Whitey Herzog's running-mad Whiteyball Cardinals.His 13 straight Gold Gloves are behind only Brooks Robinson's 16.Casual baseball fans might not realize it, but the St.Louis Cardinals have the second-most World Series titles in baseball history.(Greg Maddux later tied Ozzie by picking up 13 straight Gold Gloves himself.) 4.


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