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We can disagree, but we have a right to freedom of religion.'Our community is under attack by extremists but our commitment to peace and love is unshakable.We appreciate the work of the authorities and they must continue to work diligently for the protection and safety of all citizens.'Fears among the Ahmadi community in the UK increased in March after a member was stabbed to death over his religious beliefs in Glasgow.We can disagree, but we have a right to freedom of religion,' Aftab told The Sunday Times.Aftab added: 'People who don't think we are Muslims are entitled to their own point of view, but the line must be drawn because violence cannot be justified.In some predominantly Muslim countries Ahmadis are persecuted, and in Pakistan a constitutional amendment passed in 1974 declaring Ahmadiyya non-Muslims.The Ahmadi movement, which has its origins in British-controlled northern India in the late 19th Century, identifies itself as a Muslim movement and follows the teachings of the Koran.

Too soon though and you might not get the chance to show how awesome you are.But also don't comment on something too obvious, like 'The picture from New York looks nice. 'You have stellar dress sense' rather than 'You're so beautiful'.A minority Islamic sect regarded as blasphemous by other Muslims has introduced airport-style security at mosques across Britain after receiving death threats.Community leaders say these moves laid the groundwork for a sectarian divide that has since seen many violent attacks on Ahmadis and birthed multiple militant organizations, including many that are now linked to Islamic State.The Ahmadi movement is a minority denomination of Islam which is seen as heretical by some orthodox Muslims because they believe that founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is the messiah and a prophet.Following the threats, members of the Ahmadiyya community will now have to walk through metal detectors and partake in identity checks and bag searches before entering mosques.


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