Liv tyler dating david kirsch

She has 2m followers on Instagram, almost the same on Twitter, and 2.3m Facebook fans — all of which are updated several times a day with pictures of her pouting or playing with her puppies.Last year she was the highest new entry in Forbes’ list of top-earning supermodels, joint fourth with Kate Moss and Miranda Kerr, having netted an estimated £4.7m. Those HD cameras aren’t exactly forgiving; they really do seem to add 10 pounds!If you need to trim down for a big event or an upcoming beach day, stay with us. ‘I’m asking the questions,’ I reply, trying to retain my cool. The smile on her face suggests she’s teasing me; the steel behind the eyes says she is challenging me.Victoria’s Secret Angels Doutzen Kroes and Adriana Lima were joint second on £5.4m, with Brazilianaire Gisele Bündchen way out in front on £31.8m.

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It was claimed they’d split earlier this year — though, judging by the cosy pictures on her prolific Instagram feed, things are rather less rocky now. Last year some intimate photographs were leaked online by cyberhackers as part of what became known as The Fappening. People don’t have a right to look at those photos or to judge them.’ Has she ever considered taking a break from social media? Her mother was a champion tennis player in her day and her father is a high school sports coach.

‘What takes high-fashion models sometimes decades to get… ‘I fantasise about deleting my social media accounts.

Kate was able to get in the space of two or so years.’ Upton has the kind of glossy, glamorous social life you’d expect of a modern icon. But I can’t.’ It’s a long way from her apple-pie childhood.

When I ask her what advice she has for getting beach-body-ready, she fires back instantly: ‘Work out harder and shave! ’ Quick snapshots, upbeat one-liners: this is Upton’s formula. A few months later controversial photographer Terry Richardson filmed her dancing more provocatively in a barely-there bikini while shooting her for American GQ and, after a brief ban, the clip went off the charts, racking up over a 100m views to date.

Upton has since claimed it was released without her permission (‘That was disrespectful, you could have told me,’ she reportedly said to Richardson.


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