Granny chatline dating boy scout uniforms

How many Indian mynas has each of the killer grannies (or grandpas) added to the toll this year?

I don't know if it's because they have more time, or because they remember BM time ("before mynas") but the myna-managers of Canberra tend to be on the more mature side.

Seeds, bread or meat will attract native birds to the trap.

Attracting the Indian mynas into the trap is the subject of much chatter on the killer grannies more favoured means of communication - the internet chat line.

Babestation is now planning to send two models to the Mayo town on Thursday to talk to residents.

In a statement the adult TV station apologised both to disappointed callers who reached Mayo locals rather than ‘one of the Babestation girls’, and Westport residents who received the calls.

Once in the trap, the myna-catchers favourite topic comes up. No more controversial topic exists in the world of the myna-hater. No diesels or hybrids mind you, and do it off a cold engine before the catalytic converter kicks in.

Pop the cage in a compost bag and shove a tube from the exhaust to the bag and it’s all over in a matter of seconds.


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