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As I shared with USA Today, we reported on showed that 30% of singles admitted to initiating a breakup on Facebook, text messaging or email.

The results will inform implementation and wider use of mobile phone based interventions for health care delivery in a low-resource setting. Long-term blood pressure control requires integrating medication taking into daily life to support adherence and persisting with treatment.It’s alarming to me that so many singles make the excuse of going on a bathroom break during a date to actually text a friend about their date or to check their emails and voicemails in between the appetizer and the main course.I’m a big lover of technology and even believe that some digital foreplay and casual flirting via text messaging can enhance your dating life.A wide range of different strategies and interventions has been used to support patients in adhering to treatment plans, although results are not consistent [].One strategy that may facilitate such support is the integration of a patient’s mobile (or cellular) phone in the process of health care delivery.Dating site Whats Your’s recent survey of 7,500 of its male members and 8,300 of its female members found that an overwhelming 83% of the men had broken up with someone via text message, as compared to only 18% of the women.


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