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The Historic Articles (Export Control) Act 1983 prohibits the exportation of historic artifacts items more than 50 years old which carry national, historic, scientific or artistic importance cannot be exported without a licence granted by the minister responsible.But it can dip to below 64 degrees in winter, too cold for most residents, only for the human penguins from Canada, Europe, UK and the USA's East Coast. At almost any time of year - except when there are hurricanes or gales driving the sea to shore in huge waves - a walk on the beach is glorious.Unfortunately, especially since 2012 they have been raided illegally by visiting cruise ship and other American tourists.It is illegal to take glass from this or any other Bermuda beach.Their fundamental guiding principle has never changed, to provide levels of individual caring service, privacy and comfort.Offering an endless number of activities while never impacting on those who seek the ability to do nothing at all, and do it well.Beaches are closed when the wind blows too heavily from the south.

The public beaches are open from sunrise to sunset.With a no children policy, whereby the minimum age is 13 years old, our guests can truly relax in a calm, peaceful environment. Visit our Ocean Spa and indulge in a body treatment or muscle-melting massage.If you’d rather work up a sweat, try your skills on one of our two tennis courts or grab an energizing workout at our fitness center.You’ll be treated like a regular, even on your first visit.Make a reservation at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa and discover a more refined way to experience Bermuda.Beaches begin with tiny single-celled animals, Foraminifera, in particular, homotrema rubrum - or forams - dark red skeletal animals that grow profusely on the underside of Bermuda's coral reefs.


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