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It’s important to remember that no one can request any additional medical information about another individual – no matter who they are.

Before someone in authority can initiate contact to verify a fake doctor’s note, they must first give the individual an opportunity to verify the doctor’s note.

When requiring a second opinion, the health care provider may not be up to the individual, but another.

Also, most people don't know their work schedules yet for 2018 and have no idea whether they can get off for travel or not.

A fake doctor’s excuse for work is a great solution.. You do everything right – go to school, get a job, and take care of your family.

But my family's already making excuses why they can't come. My dad's going through a divorce and lost his house, and is becoming a recluse and said he might not be able to make it. Both of my younger sisters live together, and going depends on my one sister's husband's work schedule and if he wants to go. My brother's wife decided to stop liking me (when I announced my engagement she basically told me she didn't think I was actually in love and poo-pooed the whole thing, and then they both got super mad when mum defended me) and now he's saying they can't make it because work schedules and baby sitters and such.

You have months for things to calm down and/or shake out.


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