Enrique murciano dating lily cole dating personals totally 20

"Both the author and publisher find these claims ludicrous and highly amusing," I am told.

It's the media's work to update people with the latest happenings, but the question is, are all the news reliable?

Mandrake hears that the supermodel is planning to move to Los Angeles to be with her boyfriend, Enrique Murciano.

"Enrique is working on a TV series while Lily is back in Cambridge focusing on her finals and dissertation," says one of her chums.

Last year, the privately educated model said she hoped to marry the American, 37, who is best known for playing an FBI agent in the detective series Without a Trace. Mc Carthy, who is also a conceptual artist, denies that the bets were waged by his supporters as a stunt.Even though the stories seemed suspicious mainly because the description of his wife wasn’t mentioned, the inclusion of sources like ‘Washington Daily News’ and ‘Sun-Times’ made it more believable.It was later cleared by the Media Mass site itself that their people’s section was just meant to discuss gossips and the stories weren't true.Among the articles, one reported that he was getting engaged while the other one said he already married secretly.On June 23, they stated that he was sighted shopping for engagement rings with a female companion while on July 24, it was reported that he was spotted wearing a wedding ring after a secret wedding ceremony.“So we’ll see.” Only too well aware that no career in modelling lasts forever, Gandy tells me that he is already thinking about following the example of Helena Christensen – his co-star in the film Away We Stay – and taking up fashion photography.


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