Edmx file not updating

Let's create first simple EDM for School DB database using Visual Studio 2012 and Entity Framework 6. Open Visual Studio 2012 and create a console project. Entity Data Model Wizard in VS2012 opens with four options to select from: EF Designer from database for database first approach, Empty EF Designer model for model first approach, Empty Code First model and Code First from database for Code-First approach.We will focus on the database-first approach in the basic tutorials so select EF Designer from database option and click Next. You can choose from your existing DB Connections or create a new connection by clicking on the 'New Connection' button.

The change does mean that the elaborate two-way database diagramming tool in Visual Studio will not work with EF7 (though EF6 will still be supported).Migrations let you change your data classes and then update the database without losing data.However, currently only the old model-first method lets you go the other way, updating data classes from a changed database."We’re not kidding ourselves, it’s not possible to please everyone and we know that some folks are going to prefer the EF Designer and EDMX approach over code-based modelling," says Miller.The snag with ORM tools, EF included, is that while they solve some problems, they introduce others.EF in versions up to 6 (the current iteration) supports an XML-based model (stored in files) together with a diagramming tool for Visual Studio, Microsoft’s all-purpose development tool.


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