Death caused by domestic dating violence

Domestic Abuse has far-reaching social implications for everyone, affecting the abused person’s ability to lead a productive life and encouraging children brought up in an abusive home to repeat the cycle themselves and having a detremental impact on their emotional and sometimes physical well-being.A lot of doctors and hospital time and funds are needed to help those who have been victimised or beaten. It is estimated that 1 in 4 women live in abusive relationships, and within our lifetime half of us can expect to be the victim of domestic or intimate violence. More women are killed by their partner or ex-partner than by a stranger (current UK statistics suggest one woman is murdered by her partner or expartner every 3 days).

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Once again, blaming chemical dependency for abuse is missing the point, the abuser is responsible for his actions. Abuse tends to increase both in velocity and extent over a period of time.Abusers are often apparently charming, generous and well-presented people who can hold positions of social standing.Abuse is kept for those nearest to him or her, to the privacy of their own homes.This Jekyll and Hyde tendency of the abuser can further confuse and frighten the person being abused, as the person in private is so very different to the person everyone else sees.It can also mean that when the person being abused finally does try to tell his/her friends, family or acquaintances of the abuse, he or she is not believed, because the person they are describing simply doesn’t fit the image portrayed in public. Abuse is about control within a relationship and can occur within any relationship where one partner believes they have the right to control the other.To donate, simply click the blue "Donate" button on the upper right side of the homepage.


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