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We figured this out by first selecting a number of questions from our database that focus on socially imposed standards on dating, and beyond. Here’s what we found: To start, we discovered that only 20% of single women on Ok Cupid today believe that men should be the heads of their households. Additionally, single women are feeling way less obligated to maintain social standards of beauty, too.

While 43% of women said they believed women had to keep their legs shaved in 2007, only 20% feel that way nowadays.

Women are taking all of their goals into their hands now more than ever.” So whether it’s in dating — or elsewhere in their lives — women are becoming increasingly confident, and feeling more empowered to do what want to do, versus what society deems they should.

This #Single On Sunday, you may be enjoying some extra time in bed with a newspaper, or you may be going on that date that you made the first move to set up. But it’s nice to see data prove what you’ve known all along — that you’re confident, you’re willing to do what it takes to get what you want, and you don’t feel the need to conform to any standards.

I am all about people going to church because I think it is very important, but he used to come to mass with us and now he is not and he wants us to go to church with him.

This is always a good thing to do, but even more important for you right now.

The Catholic Priest will not be able to marry you, but he will be able to witness your wedding and bless it.

Are you willing to go through Catholic marriage preparation classes or R.

The answer to these questions should not be taken lightly!

Likewise, the non-Catholic partner will be asked “to be informed at an appropriate time of these promises which the Catholic party has to make, so that it is clear that the other party is truly aware of the promise and obligation of the Catholic party.” It will be a challenge and, perhaps, not ideal to raise children in a mixed household, most especially if they aren’t even Christian.

It’s not untypical for a non-Catholic to not want to be married in the Catholic Church, but if they are giving you a hard time about even having it blessed then that is a red flag for you.


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