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I was used to this behavior, as it happened occasionally in our 20-year marriage.

The following chart, however, details the best information we have for the approximate last serial numbers produced in each given year before 1960.

We held hands walking in the rain-cleansed park, enjoyed restaurant meals and sight-seeing together, had laughs with friends, and had passionate nights.

He was intermittently moody during the vacation, sometimes walking 20 paces ahead or behind me saying he needed some solitude.

MODEL 1994 1995 1996 ARTIST AWARD AA000039 AA000040 to AA000089 AA000089 to AA000105 A25 N/A N/A AF250272 to AF250893 A50 N/A N/A AF500079 to AF500194 B4E AB040487 AB040488 to AB040714 AB040714 to AB041044 B30/B30E AB300132 AB300133 to AB300207 AB300208 to AB300286 N/A N/A N/A CL000060 to CL000152 BRIAN MAY BM00415 N/A N/A BRIAN MAY SIGNATURE ME00316 N/A N/A BRIAN MAY SPECIAL BHM30114 N/A N/A BRIAN MAY STANDARD BHD00039 N/A N/A BM01/BM01(ST) N/A BHP00004 to BHP00057 N/A CE100/CE100(HG) AC100023 N/A N/A CROSSROADS(CR01) FA000097 N/A N/A D4 AD042116 AD042117 to AD044518 AD044518 to AD048099 D4E N/A AD042117 to AD044518 N/A D4-12 AD420368 AD420369 to AD420802 N/A D6 AD060701 AD060702 to AD061343 N/A D6E, D6HG, DV6 N/A AD060702 to AD061343 N/A D15 D153520 N/A N/A D25 N/A AD042117 to AD044518 AD044518 to AD048099 D25-12 N/A AD420369 to AD420802 N/A D26 N/A AD260001 to AD260458 N/A D30 AD300184 AD300185 to AD300301 N/A D30BLD N/A N/A AD300302 to AD300348 D50 D501106 D501107 N/A D55 AD550114 AD550115 to AD550220 AD550221 to AD550412 D60 AD600028 AD600029 to AD600043 N/A D65 GC000020 N/A N/A D100 AD100014 AD100015 to AD100022 N/A D100C N/A AD100015 to AD100022 AD100023 to AD100039 DC1 AD110841 AD110842 to AD111713 N/A DCE1 N/A AD110842 to AD111713 AD111714 to AD113572 DC5 FC050298 FC050299 to FC050578 FC050579 to FC050964 DC130 FD000019 FD000020 to FD000022 N/A DV6HR N/A N/A AD061343 to AD062106 DV52 AD520445 AD520446 to AD520945 AD520946 to AD521850 DV52HG N/A AD520446 to AD520945 AD520946 to AD521850 DV62 AD620145 AD620146 N/A DV72 AD720197 N/A N/A DV73 AD730014 AD730015 to AD730052 N/A DV74 N/A N/A AD740008 to AD740022 DV76 AD760010 N/A N/A DV82 FK000001 N/A N/A F4CE AF040801 AF040802 to AF041355 AF041356 to AF042131 F5CE AF050200 AF050201 to AF050353 AF050354 to AF050614 F30 AF300151 AF300153 N/A F65CE AF650118 AF650119 to AF650237 AF650238 to AF650398 F20 AF200049 AF200050 to AF200131 N/A F50 AF500012 AF500013 to AF500015 N/A FF5CE AF150119 AF150120 to AF150143 N/A G045/HANK WILLIAMS FG450005 N/A N/A G45/HANK WILLIAMS FG000067 N/A N/A GV52 FE000225 N/A N/A GV70 FJ000059 N/A N/A JA100-12C N/A N/A AJ120005 to AJ120012 JF4 AJ040387 AJ040388 to AJ040424 N/A JF4E N/A AJ040388 to AJ040424 N/A JF4-12 AJ420064 N/A N/A JF30 AJ300329 AJ300330 to AJ300779 AJ300780 to AJ301720 JF30-12 AJ320240 AJ320241 to AJ320592 AJ320593 to AJ321101 JF55 AJ550129 AJ550130 to AJ550293 AJ550294 to AJ550483 JF55-12 AJ520062 AJ520063 to AJ520175 AJ520176 to AJ520253 JF65-12 AJ620090 AJ620091 to AJ620188 AJ620188 to AJ620304 JF100 AJ110121 AJ110122 to AJ100027 N/A JF100C N/A N/A AJ100028 to AJ100041 JF200 AJ120005 AJ120006 to AJ100007 N/A JV52 FJ520028 N/A N/A JV72 FJ720018 FJ720019 to FJ720023 N/A PRO4 AL040139 N/A N/A PRO5 AL050078 AL050079 to AL050096 N/A PROTOTYPES FB000004 JJ000001 to JJ000009 N/A S100 FB000132 FB000133 to FB000194 FB000195 to FB000378 S4CE AE040103 AE040104 to AE040343 N/A SONGBIRD FB000132 AE040104 to AE040343 N/A STARFIRE 4 AG000014 AG000015 to AG000023 AG000024 to AG000219 X160 AK160031 N/A N/A X170 AK170059 AK170060 to AK170138 AK170139 to AK170401 X500 AK500008 AK500009 to AK000010 N/A X700 AK700028 AK700029 to AK700069 AK700070 to AK700118 X2000/NIGHTBIRD N/A N/A N/A X3000/NIGHTINGALE N/A N/A N/A MODEL 1997 1998 1999 ARTIST AWARD AA000106 to AA000158 A25 AF250894 to AF250896 A50 AF500195 to AF500209 B4E AB041045 to AB041257 B4EHG AB041045 to AB041257 B30E AB300287 to AB301349 BB BLUESBIRD CL000153 to CL001013 D4 AD048100 to AD401129 D4-12 AD421508 to AD421738 D25 AD048100 to AD401129 D25-12 AD421508 to AD421738 D30BLD AD300349 to AD300784 D55 AD550413 to AD550691 D100C AD100040 to AD100049 DCE1 AD113573 to AD114800 DCE1HG AD113573 to AD114800 DCE5 FC050965 to FC051258 DV6HR AD062107 to AD062419 DV6HG AD062107 to AD062419 DV52 AD521850 to AD522272 DV52HG AD521850 to AD522272 F4CE AF042131 to AF042598 F5CE AF050615 to AF050660 F65CE AF650398 to AF650556 JF30 AJ301720 to AJ302129 JF30-12 AJ321102 to AJ321291 JF55 AJ550484 to AJ550613 JF55-12 AJ520254 to AJ520300 JF65-12 AJ620305 to AJ620369 JF100C AJ100042 to AJ100046 JF100C-12 AJ100042 to AJ100046 S100 FB000379 to FB000770 S4CE AE040541 to AE040672 SONGBIRD HG AE040541 to AE040672 STARFIRE II AG300001 to AG301083 STARFIRE III AG300001 to AG301083 STARFIRE IV AG000220 to AG000937 X150 AK150001 to AK150004 X170 AK170401 to AK170799 X700 AK700119 to AK700213 The Guild Custom Shop 45th Anniversary, Deco and Finesse models use a completely different serial numbering scheme.

Each are numbered on the back of the headstock with the number in the given series, i.e. Each also has a seven digit serial number inside the guitar. The last four digits refer to the date of production.


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