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Alcoholics may have hidden bottles around the house.Sex addicts may hide their pornography, website links, or evidence of affairs.In many ways, addiction is the ultimate game of deception because becoming addicted means fooling yourself, as well as those around you.And just like a poker player, an addict will perfect the poker face, the butter-wouldn’t-melt facial expression and tone of voice that convinces you, at least long enough to give them the benefit of the doubt, that it's you who is in the wrong, for not trusting them.It involves the pretense that everything is the way it should be, while in reality, you're being duped.

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Just like the game of taboo, the addict creates a situation where speaking directly about what's happening is taboo and thus forbidden.

How to cope: Respect your loved one’s privacy, but when you stumble on evidence of addiction, don’t accept a weak explanation or excuse.

The game of taboo is a way that the addiction can be kept secret.

Addicts can stay stuck in their addiction for many years.

Their determination not to change can be astounding.


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