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In a recent New York Times article, Indiana University Pediatrics Professor Aaron E.Carroll describes how a few years ago, “Congress began to shift funding for sex education to focus on evidence-based outcomes, letting effectiveness determine which programs would get money.” He then provides an overview of the outcomes of abstinence-based vs.Should we go in chronological order, starting with the new BF? Lori L.: I found Hannah so unlikeable this episode -- way more than Marnie. Lori L.: You know, the usual narcissism, which seemed to be even worse, especially with the Marnie stuff. Margaret: He is adorable, but I'm not sure this was the best way to deal with the criticism "Girls" has received for not having a more diverse cast. Honestly, he's charming so I don't really care either way. Margaret: I was surprised that he's not hearing that she's not into it anymore or sensing it. Emma: At this point, their entire relationship just needs to end. And as Shosh notes, he has done wonders for the apartment. Lori F.: How did Hannah not understand his French salon idea? Emma: But in "Mad Men" she's basically unrecognizable. I just loved that she stood up for herself in this scene. Lori F.: Her standing up for herself was especially self-help-y. She's much better about standing her ground than the others. "I'm not gonna do like what Hannah does and order six pizzas to make me feel better." Lori F.: I didn't notice the weight loss. Lori F.: I thought two things were interesting about this scene: 1) Marnie's mom trying to be friends and even calling her daughter prudish. I see this with so many people, mothers and daughters agreeing that they're best friends. I can't say whether it's healthy or not -- who knows?Margaret: I agree that it's hard for her to win this. Emma: By addressing the criticism, she inevitably opens herself up to more criticism for tokenization... Lori L.: But I found H's behavior TOWARD him so unappealing too. Lori F.: I want to talk about this line: "When you love someone, you don't have to be nice all the time." Lori L.: That makes sense to me. You inevitably won't be nice to them all the time, but I'm not sure you're off the hook entirely. That's One Way To End A Party Lori L.: So I just want to say that Elijah is my favorite character. I mean, Hannah, you went to a liberal arts school and you're a writer. Hannah, for instance, puts off telling Adam how she feels, then when she's finally honest, it's mean and repellant. She's very thin, but I didn't realize it was a dramatic change from last season. 2) Marnie telling her mom that she talks to her friends "way worse than this." Lori F.: Marnie doesn't need a best friend to talk about sex with right now -- even if Hannah is MIA. Emma: I think that most women want their moms to be their moms ... -- but it's not a dynamic I have with my mother or want with my child. From what I've seen, mother-daughter best friend relationships can backfire.Religious extremists believe sex education of the young, if it exists at all, should consist of telling teens over and over, "Don't do it!" For these ideologically driven parents, giving young people actual information about sexuality would create a tsunami of teen lust that would leave our society awash in, well, teen sex.

Why wouldn't this approach work better for dealing with our sexuality? The reason for this: That which is merely repressed will inevitably become expressed inappropriately.

The notion that they won't "do it" because they're ignorant about sexuality would fail to explain the last million years of doing it.

Yet despite the preponderance of evidence, the current administration recently canceled funding for 81 evidence-based programs without consulting Congress.

Where does Marnie go from here (here being eating cake with her hands and going home with a wedding comedian). Margaret Wheeler Johnson: The show has a lot to live up to this season. I know that's obvious, but when I was watching her talk to Elijah and Hannah, I was just like, "Wow, she is good." Margaret: Yes! Emma: We just know that he stopped answering her text messages and didn't continue to date her.

And Naturally, season 2, episode 1 didn't begin to answer all of those questions for us, but it certainly gave us a lot to discuss. Lori Leibovich: And I'll just say: The first episode disappointed me. First episodes of 30-minute shows usually aren't my favorite. Of all the people on the show to get booted from her job... Possibly misguided because Marnie is hard to feel sorry for. And as Dunham has said, the point here is partly to get you to love the characters even if you don't always like them, the way you do real human beings -- to support them even when they're unlikeable. Her facial expressions there were especially amazing. I also loved when she was "djing" in the corner with the stove and a Solo cup. Margaret: I believe she would send countless emojis. Emma: In my mind, he freaked out and started blowing her off. I feel like we shouldn't have to infer so much, though. We talked about her firing, but let's discuss her lunch with her mom. I was focused on her mom trying to be her best friend.


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