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3.) Cable Supination/Pronation [not shown] Sets: 2Reps: 15-20 (each side)Rest: 0 sec.

Attach a rope handle to the pulley on a cable machine and thread it through as described for the cable thumb curl (left).

Sure, every guy is always working hard using the best exercises for sculpted six-pack abs.

But when winter comes and all those long-sleeved shirts come out, all that hard work goes undercover.

2.) Cable Thumb Curl/Pinkie Curl [not shown] Sets: 2Reps: 15-20 (each side)Rest: 0 sec.

Step back so your arm is extended, there’s tension on the cable, and your palm is neutral (thumb pointing up).

Flex your wrist to bend the thumb back toward your forearm; the range of motion is small.

We applied the same principle to wringing the water out of a wet towel to make your arms develop likewise.

Pair each workout (Days 1, 2, 3, and 4) with one of your normal training sessions and perform it at the end. Pick up the heaviest set of dumbbells you can and hold them at your sides.


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