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Brittany Scobie has: Played Faydra (2002-2003) in "2030 CE" in 2002. Played Daphna - Detroit in "Random Musings of a Girl Named Daphna" in 2006. Played Mikaela Strovsky in "Something Beneath" in 2007. Played Eleanor in "The Capture of the Green River Killer" in 2008.

Brittany Scobie has: Played Faydra (2002-2003) in "2030 CE" in 2002. Played Daphna - Detroit in "Random Musings of a Girl Named Daphna" in 2006. Played Mikaela Strovsky in "Something Beneath" in 2007. Played Eleanor in "The Capture of the Green River Killer" in 2008.

Ltd "Bring It Back" Written by ALEXANDER UNGER, NICK ELLIS, DARRELL JAMES, PHIL RUBEN, Published by Vision Of Catastrofiks Music and In Cold Blood By arrangement with SHELLY BAY MUSIC, LLC Performed by CATASTROFIKS, courtesy of Philasofikal Records Episode 121 - V. "100 Years War" Written and performed by THE PAPER CRANES Courtesy of Unfamiliar Records and The Paper Cranes "Master of Deception" Written by DANA "RUSTY" MATYAS, JOSEPH PENNER, MATTHEW PETERS, STEVEN SENKIW Performed by THE WAKING EYES Courtesy of Coalition Entertainment "Touch Your Toes" Written by ODARIO WILLIAMS, ALISTER JOHNSON, DARCY ATAMAN AND DAMON MITCHELL Performed by GRAND ANALOG Courtesy of Slo Coach Recordings and Shadow Cabinet Music Group "Burn Down the Disco" Written by PETER JOHN KERR, ADRIEN GOUGH AND HENRY WALTER Performed by LET'S GO TO WAR Courtesy of Last Gang Publishing/ole and Last Gang Records Inc.

"Do it Like I Do It" Written by SAMUEL WATSON Performed by KRIZZ KALIKO Courtesy of Strange Music Inc., by arrangement with Shelly Bay Music "Fela Man" Written by "The Pub" Written by TRAVIS COTE and AJ CARON, courtesy of Pubcrawlers Publishing Performed by THE PUBCRAWLERS "Starboard" Written by CARMEN ELLE, Published by D&M Music Performed by DONLANDS & MORTIMER "Only Love" Written by DANCE YOURSELF TO DEATH Performed by DANCE YOURSELF TO DEATH "Oh, the Boss is Coming" Written by ARKELLS Published by Arkells Inc.

/ Sony/ATV Music Publishing Canada) Performed by USS, courtesy of Smashing World Records Inc.

"Panorama Dub" Written by LUIS CARDONA (Balanced Records Inc.) Performed by SOLIDAZE, courtesy of Balanced Records Episode 116 - Ass-Pocalypse Now "2 15/16ths" Written by ASHLEY BUCCHOLZ, JASON PARSONS, CHRIS DAVIES (Optomystical Inc.

"Fantasy" Written and Performed by ERIC SOLOMON "Veve" Written by FREDERIK NORDSOE, KRISTIAN LETH Performed by BARON CRIMINEL, courtesy of Speed of Sound "I'm In Love" Written by LINDY VOPNFJORD, TODOR KOBAKOV, STEVE KRECKLO Performed by MAJOR MAKER, courtesy of Runaway Music Canada "Sick Muse" Written by JAMES SHAW EMILY HAINES GAVIN BROWN EMI APRIL MUSIC (CANADA) LTD ; EMI APRIL MUSIC INC.

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Performed by ARKELLS, courtesy of Dine Alone Music Inc.

"Bitch" Written by ASHLEY Mac ISAAC, RON LOPATA and JOHN KANAKIS Published by Linus Songs/Ashley Mac Isaac Performed by ASHLEY Mac ISAAC, courtesy of Linus Entertainment Inc.


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