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I was at a loss for words so I just smiled & nodded my head a little embarrassed. I couldn't believe how excited I was getting waiting for him to come to me which he did with his rock hard cock. I could see little details like the big veins that circuled his dick..slightly reddish head that looked like a firemans helmet. I said NO ONE has 12 inches...put his GF on the line..she told me that when he got hard, he was so long and thick, that she had thought about getting her teeth pulled because she had a hard time sucking his cock.

She likes to watch me with a guy a we pleasure each other. and some days when I'm good and hard and don't eat. If you are bi or at least willing to lut a guy suck your cock clean as/after you fuck the wife, please email us. I said it's too bad Im still in Philly, as I would have loved to have come. There was a lot of pussy here." I asked him what kind of party was this? Anal Sex I can certainly understand a woman being hesitant about the first time having a cock inserted in her tight little ass. She went from an A cup to a good healthy D cup she look wonderful an even better she has HUGE nipples.I then started to work his cock further into my mouth & down my throat, slowly at first then a little bit faster I did not want this to end to soon. Now, one thing was he liked to get druck...then call me up and tell me about his sex life. Once he told me about his GF's, I told him, my wife had watched a John Holmes movie about double penetration, and from then on, she had always had a fantasy about a 3 some with 2 guys, one with a huge dick. The third thing was that a couple of years later, he had then moved to Michigan.Finally I could feel his balls tighten up & I new he was about to cum so I stroked & sucked as fast as I could until he exploded a whole lot of hot cum in my mouth & down my throat which I savored every drop. They lay me on my back she lifts my legs up and fucks my ass with her strappon while her husband is on his knees above my head watching his wife fucking me in the ass while he is fucking my race,or legal age.please im in dfw area This is my favorite topic because this is how I was introduced to tasting pussy off a mans cock . Every now and then, he would send me a meme or a cartoon eluding to me have a small dick. So one night about 2 years ago, he sent me a picture of a guy with a 1 inch cock, and asked me if this was me?I used to like to invite men with really large cocks to fuck her and fantasized about sucking them all and letting them cum in my mouth.I don’t know about being fucked, I’ve tried to get average sized dildos in my ass with very little success, using the best lubes, but I seem to be too tight.I test frequently, got into the habit when my ex and I played. I want my clit licked by a beautiful woman while my hubby fucks me and use a strap-on to fuck my pussy and ass while I suck my hubby's cock. Well I’m a very discreet closet bi that has sucked a few cocks and actually was gently forced to swallow a huge mouthful of cum and now I am absolutely obsessed with finding not only a closet bi like me but I keep watching videos of freaky huge loads and would love love love to find a guy that shoots like that, I don’t care about race or a type but I guess if I did I found that heavy set guys can cum really really heavy for me but hey if you fit and shoot a load that is a mouthful I want to suck your cock as much as I possibly can every time I can and love getting fukd HARD but has to be big I’m talking wide and long 10” minimum A 60 year old str8 man who would like to experience the feeling of sucking a man's cock, licking their balls, for the first time.


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