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7 has that clean interface that you like, at least I think it has a clean interface.The XP SP2 compatibility will be right up your alley as well.While you may find the desperate and degenerates sky larking around wild places, there are plenty of good safe places to just chill about and meet people.

One of my gripes about Windows 7 is that the "Classic Mode" features that used to be there are gone - it's now the new way or the "highway".

At some point of their life (and this typically happens from 18-23), they are going to shed their good girl image and want to rebel against everything they ever believed in, and be very willing to let you in, and this sir is your moment to help them realise their dreams.

Of course, they won't be telling you directly that they have gone bad, but it is up to help them.

I'm actually starting to like the new interface, but it does take some getting used to.i have enough what i really want to know it's how games and such work's in Windows 7?

when i want to play high end games i have to use vista because of dx10 and the 4gig ram cap that is on my verision of xp.


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