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Thank You to all who participated and contributed to the Aberdeen CBC conducted this past Saturday. literally the first observed bird of the morning, at our meet-up location) - SNOWY OWL The latter was the last species and individual tallied today, first found about 15 minutes after sunset. ------------------------------------ Posted by: Jeff Hansen ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ Yahoo Groups Links First. American Robin was missed for the first time ever, nor have any been present for count week. ) new species for the count showed up this year to make up for the MIA robins: - Cackling Goose (nearly 200, in with an equal amount of Canadas) - Pygmy Nuthatch (remarkably, showed up in three different locations after never having been recorded on the count before. Not every day you can say that.) - Harris Sparrow (good spot, Nancy!The park has other children activities including an arcade game room, jumping pillow, theme weekends, pedal cart and golf cart rentals, heated swimming pool, indoor theater, mini golf, volleyball, and basketball.This Rapid City pumpkin patch has everything a family needs to get into the fall spirit.The complete list of species and individual counts are as follows: 1. But there was also a large Red-tailed Hawk perched atop a large spruce, so little activity. Starling (even fewer than last year, which was a low count at the time).Located on the second floor of the world famous Corn Palace, this palace also has a large indoor corn maze!In addition to the maze, there are other kids activities like corn mural decorating, sandbox with corn kernels instead of sand, kid-sized tractors, shopping market, noodle rain forest, and more!

This year we found 44 species good for 2nd place in that category and we counted 3545 individuals good for 3rd highest count. I had 4 count week species that didnt turn up today, bringing the CW total to a nice round 40 (Ill be gone for the next week, so wont get to add any more).Closer to Halloween, the corn maze will become a haunted maze after dark!In addition to pumpkin picking and corn maze, the farm offers other activities like hay hop, hay jump, tire climb, duck walk, bale pets, corn box, and petting zoo.Top individual count species this year was Canada Geese at 788 individuals. Nancy did have a Ferrug (as well as a Coopers Hawk) today, but outside of the count circle.Very nice NOT to have a NON native North America species top that list. Our checklist for the day follows: Cackling Goose 175 (new for count) Canada Goose 175 (high count) Mallard 48 (high count) Bald Eagle 3 (high count tie) Red-tailed Hawk 5 Rough-legged Hawk 8 (high count) Golden Eagle 1 American Kestrel 1 Ring-necked Pheasant 27 Sharp-tailed Grouse 5 Wild Turkey 21 (low count) Rock Pigeon 10 Eurasian Collared-Dove 15 Great Horned Owl 2 SNOWY OWL 1 (new for count) Downy Woodpecker 7 Hairy Woodpecker 4 (high count tie) Northern Flicker 3 Northern Shrike 2 Black-billed Magpie 52 (high count) American Crow 115 Horned Lark 1 Black-capped Chickadee 42 (high count) White-breasted Nuthatch 3 Red-breasted Nuthatch 7 (high count) Pygmy Nuthatch 8 (new for count) Brown Creeper 1 (high count tie) Townsend's Solitaire 5 (high count) European Starling 61 (low count) American Tree Sparrow 47 Harris Sparrow 1 (new for count) Dark-eyed Junco 44 Red Crossbill 2 Common Redpoll 22 (not a high count, but impressive) American Goldfinch 33 House Sparrow 63 Eagle Hawk 1 (spotted my friend Chris Eagle Hawk, within the count circle) ;) Best wishes to all for a wonderful CBC season!At Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park camping area, there is a huge seven-acre corn maze full of exciting twists, turns, and dead ends.


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